by Enlightened woman Madonna

May 27-29, 2022 • California, USA

    At this level, a woman accumulates a large amount of energy, and she begins to control the events in her life, and not the events of her. There is the ability to manage time, the attraction of big contracts, wealth. Such a woman is able to create an atmosphere of love and harmony in the family, at work. Everything that she wishes is fulfilled in a short time. Because thanks to the accumulated energy, the power of her Prayer and Faith is great!


    The seminar is created to attract POWER for your daily well-being and happiness.
    The well-being of your relatives and family.
    Prayer for the family, help the relatives, manifestation of the healing powers.
    Each seminar participant has the opportunity to have an individual session, which helps to purify and strengthen the family roots. These powers help every family member to get rid of illness and other problems.
    Forgiveness from the spirit of money for yourself and your lineage
    Magical practices of healing and merging with nature

    Choose your option of participation

    400$ Basic package
    • Retreat program
    • Accommodation
    • Prediction
    • Object of power (1st level): shamanic icon

    If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 300$.

    700$ STANDARD package
    • Retreat program
    • Accommodation
    • Prediction
    • Objects of power (2st level): shamanic icon + amulet of Power
    • 2 group rituals

    If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 500$.

    1000$ Advanced package
    • Retreat program
    • Accommodation
    • Prediction
    • VIP Objects of power: shamanic icon + VIP amulet of Power
    • 2 group rituals
    • Exclusive ritual

    If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 800$.

    • “Cosmic Ecstasy” massage. Massage of head, cervical spine and the shoulder girdle. Release of all tensions that have appeared as a result of stress. After this massage, your consciousness will be clean and clear, headaches will be gone, vision and hearing will improve. Your concentration will boost. You will manage to do 5 times more things than before.
    • Altaic yoga, recovery of internal organs and body systems.
    • Ancient practice of Gyud. How to learn to listen to yourself. To be able to wake up in time without an alarm clock and to compensate for the lack of sleep with the help of ancient practices. To improve your health and learn to feel the future. Find harmony in relations with others, and much more.
    • Breath of the Amazon. Immunity strengthening, recovery and protection of the respiratory system
    • Ritual "Returning the soul to God". You will remember the strongest feelings of love and trust in God. All life situations will be solved by themselves.
    • Money Magic. Bringing back the wealth from your past incarnations.
    • The map of the subtle plane is your subtle world: everyone has special places of power in the subtle plane, which are known to our soul, but are not yet accessible to our consciousness. Our soul returns there in dreams. But we will learn to fly there to get power with the help of a shaman.
    • Ritual of opening the third eye. Practice of contemplation of magical mandalas to reveal your superpowers.
    • Merging with your most powerful embodiment.
    • Learning to travel in the subtle plane correctly - levels of the subtle plane, how to reach superconsciousness for comprehending divine love.
    • Flight to the land of happiness Agartha, manage the good luck, attract the deity Agartha.
    • Ritual for connecting with your most powerful ancestor.
    • Shamanic rituals - Journey to the subtle plane for an spirit helper – “Spirit-catcher”
    • Oraculism - Message from the extraterrestrial civilizations.
    • Our ideal partner. Who is he? What should he be like? How not to make a mistake in choosing your partner.
    Madonna Madonna Madonna


    "Magic of Devas"
    “The Magical Power of Atlanteans”


    "Time Crystal"


    The major part of the work of a Shaman includes the work with the amulets.

    In the World of the Spirits, the Spirit Helpers find their home in the amulets and then they stay with the person - owner of the amulet, like her/his friend and protector. The Shamanic team brings the amulets from the heart of Siberia and these amulets are true living relics.

    The Amulets of Power have several tasks: to protect, to create harmony in relationships, to strengthen the family tree, to protect children, etc.

    These living Siberian amulets and Spirit Helpers that live in them are waiting for you on this retreat.

    to join the circle of Power


    Enlightened woman and temple priestess.

    Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo. Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. Besides, she is leader charity movements all over the over.

    Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy and happy.

    "RECEIVE LOVE, HEALTH AND WELLBEING for your whole family. Our ancestors knew that Autumn Equinox Day is the most powerful magical day of the year to fulfill your wishes, to attract the power of success and prosperity for ourselves and our families."

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